Electrical Components

Electrical Components

An electrical system consists of the service, distribution, wiring and convenience outlets (switches, lights, and receptacles). Our examination of the electrical system includes the exposed and accessible conductors, branch circuitry, panels, over-current protection devices, and a random sampling of convenience outlets. We look for adverse conditions such as improper installation, exposed wiring, running splices, reversed polarity and circuit protection devices.

We do not evaluate fusing and/or calculate circuit loads. The hidden nature of the electrical wiring prevents inspection of every length of wire.  This inspection report is not intended to address the operational condition of electrical system. The condition of non-visible or concealed electrical components can not be ascertained with in the scope of this inspection. Code compliance issues are not within the scope of this general home inspection. It is not possible to visibly inspected every component of the electrical system as the general home inspection is a limited time and limited scope inspection. If protection against unidentified present or future functional issues is desired, the purchase of a warranty through an independent warranty company is advised.

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