Exterior and Grounds

Inspection of the home exterior typically includes: exterior wall covering materials; exterior trim; window and door exteriors; adequate surface drainage; driveway and walkways; window wells; exterior electrical and plumbing components; and retaining wall conditions that may affect the home structure. The potential for dangers/damage associated with trees- such as falling branches or root damage to foundations- varies with tree species and age, and requires an arborist evaluation.

This inspection is not intended to address or include any geological conditions or site stability information. For information concerning these conditions, a geologist or soils engineer should be consulted. Any reference to grade is limited to only areas around the exterior of the exposed areas of foundation or exterior walls. This inspection is visual in nature and does not attempt to determine drainage performance of the site or the condition of any underground piping, including municipal water and sewer service piping or septic systems. Decks and porches are often built close to the ground, where no viewing or access is possible. These areas as well as others too low to enter, or in some other manner not accessible, are excluded from the inspection and are not addressed in the report.

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